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Still with you all.... Day 11 :)

Just a quick note to say still here, and wish you all a wonderful Christmas/New Year.

Steveh ... Have got email, plan to get together if we can, post Christmas and New Year.... as all a little complicated at the moment with shipping my little one backward/forward to the Ex over the next few days.

This is a really tricky time for me to stay quit what with all the family functions, and stresses. I must admit I have ended up drinking more to compensate for the lack of smoking over the last 3 days. I have found the best way for me, is consider my 4 year old son, the fact he does not have the need to light up first thing in the morning with a mug of coffee in the other hand. Reminding me he’s is the normal one, and I'm the recovering addict.

Take care


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john- cos you won.t smel of stinky fags anymore you will have lots of female admirerers armed with bunches of miseltoe too!;)


Well done John.:)

Another couple of weeks and you will be over the worst of it.

Keep it up.:D


Best of luck John, keep strong through all the temptation.. :)


my story

Can't beleive it is Christmas Eve and I am reading the smoking forum looking for answers to my problem! I stopped smoking on the 28th November with the champix tablets. They are magical and work really well to stop the craving. My problem is I have the most evil gas, problem with digestion, like having a volcano in the stomach, heartburn and I can't eat anything without the burn. I hve tried comming off the champix for 4 days and still felt bad and then I felt that I needed a cigarette so took another champix which irritated the stomach , but it stopped the craving, what a dilemma.

Tommorow is Christmas dinner and I am dreading it with this awful indigestion can anyone out there give me some good advice!

I am so chuffed to have stopped smoking, and got a certificate from the no smoking clinic which was brilliant, but just wished I felt well!


hi, I am sorry I put my problems on your site, have just joined and don't know how to post a message yet!: Anyway I would like to say you that you are doing great keep it up and your son will thank,you for it and also he will be able to breathe better in the house, and you will be able to buy him better Christmas pressys eh!! You will also live longer to spend more time with him, I keep telling myself all these things too. I just stopped 28th November, my husband is still smoking it drives me nuts!!!

Happy Christmas

keep up the good work Heather


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