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back again


hi i havn't been on here for a long time tried stopping only lasted a couple of days so today i have decided i will quit i was going to wait until new year but i have just seen how much i will spend on cigs to last me over christmas its money we havn't got also my daughter is fed up of me smoking so its time for me to stop messing about i am fed up of having no money and telling my husband and daughter to not spend to much on the shopping this christmas while i spend more on cigs i really want to stop i think of the money i have wasted on smoking so i am going to quit and i know i will feel better i will come on here more often and keep my self busy marg

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Hello Marg,

What a great life changing decision you have made. When you actually sit down and work out how much money you spend of fags it's criminal. I know exactly how you feel. I used to always feel guilt spending money on fags when times are hard.

I smoked for 25 years and have tried every giving up smoking aid on the market and have failed miserabley each time. Am now on day 5 using Champix - and although it's difficult I think with determination it can be done.

You can do it Marg, stick with it. Keep your chin up and be very determined to beat the urge.

Wish you all the very best.

Happy Xmas

yes it can be done!!!

Hi marg and Iwant2b3,

well done both of you for making such a difficult decision. That is the hardest part over with!!! It most certainly can be done, i am coming up to 6 months now. I quit with champix, its brilliant stuff!!!

Just keep posting on here, take one day at a time, and keep reminding yourself why you are doing this. It is hard, but a few months of being uncomfortable and then you will be freee xxxxxxxx

Good Work

I want to add my congratulations to marg and Iwant2b3 and their quits.

There is only one unacceptable way to quit smoking: that's to smoke yourself to death. A certain and sure way to quit, but not advisable.

Good luck, both of you, on your quits. Just think how much you are ahead of the curve, with all those people stopping cigs on January 1. If there really is power in numbers, then this is certainly the time of year to quit.

It will be interesting to see whether the posts on this website increase in January!

Hold strong to your quits!


Quit #2: October 18, 2007

Method: Cold Turkey and Self-Disgust

Started Smoking #2: November 1997--11 years after quit #1

Quit #1: April 1986

Method: Cold Turkey

Started Smoking #1 1970

Lesson learned: Never, ever smoke another cig, because even after quitting for 11 years you can pick up the habit again as if you had never stopped.

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