No Smoking Day

I`m back

Hi to everyone:)

Pc went on the blink but all fixed now.

Really pleased to say I`m now going into my second month of no smoking!

I honestly find it really hard to believe I`ve managed it. I never had any faith in myself regards stopping the cigs and was always too terrified to even try and give it up Queen of reasons not to if you know what I mean lol

Going into this 2nd month full of positivity for the future my boys are so proud of me and I`m proud of me too!


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YAY for you! You are doing great......Smoke free for Christmas - how wonderful is that! Keep up the good work.

Oh yes and WELCOME BACK teehee! :D


Congrats and well done WC!!!

Keep it going for a smoke free Chrimbo!


Congrats Wildcat, so good to hear you're this happy about being smoke-free :) I know what you mean about being terrified about quitting and unsure about succeeding, it was the very same for me, actually I think that smokers typically have too little faith in themselves...that's probably one of the reasons we all kept keep smoking in the first place :rolleyes: Well luckily we eventually saw the light :p and are now smoke-free, happier people :D


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