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Four Months, ARRR!


Aaaaarrrr 4 months guys, it feels awesome! :D I remember quite vividly the moment I smoked my last cigarette knowing it was going to be the last one, I was so excited, like I was about to explore a magical new world!! call me crazy but after smoking for 16 years without never pausing one single day I was totally ready to see my quit like a much deserved farewell from a torture, I was truly disgusted with myself :D Quitting is hard, no kidding, but it may also be easier than rumored! I hope more people with the new year decide to quit because omg the freedom you gain once you realize you can say no to smoke and still the earth won't swallow you up right there and then!! It's amazing

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CIao Bella MAGNIFICO!!!!!!!

OK-dunno anymore! But a huge congrats on 4mths. You must be sooooooooooooo proud (and rightly so too) Your'e a star and a true inspiration - THANKYOU>

Congratulations! :)

Francesca, BIG well done !!! I'm just passed my 1st week and it's good inspiration to hear your success, it wills us all on to follow in others footsteps :)

Yeah.. friendsforever.foren-city.d... well done Francesca 4 months is great!

Look at you hunny! WOW! 4 Months smoke free and still going strong. You are an inspiration to everyone. you are doing sooooo well and you deserve a huge WELL DONE and a pat on the back for your wonderful accomplishment! Keep going, you are a shining super star! CONGRATS!!!! :D:D

Big congratulations!! Four months is fantastic going. I think I'm getting close to that myself (not sure what I'm counting as my quit date anymore). You sound so positive and upbeat about things, it's a big inspiration.

Well done you xx

Well done Francesca! I too can remember my last fag very well.. seems almost surreal now doesnt it.

Congrats and keep it up!

Congratulations Francesca on 4 months here's to many more :)

Aw guys thanks so much for your support, it is so touching to log here and find all your lovely comments, they mean the world to me :o:)

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