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I think i can do this


well last night at 10pm was officially 6 days so I decided to go to a bar, well it's a smokers heaven but not for a new non smoker lol.... everything smelled like smoke i even woke up this morning and my chest hurts!! I hope it's from all the second hand smoke but anyway my point is i was there and drinking ALOT and i didn't have ONE craving it was amazing last night proved to me that I mentally am prepared to do this forever :-) so everyone else that has gotten to this point i'm joining your club and for those who havn't gotten to this point yet Trust me you will and man does it feel great

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Hi Nevinem

Congratulations what a great achievement.

We have a smoking ban in bars and clubs here so it`s not as bad as having to sit in the midst of all the smoke/smokers. You`ve done so well keep it up:)


i'm trying my best but so far so good :-)

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