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Day 4 (sucked)


But I didn't smoke.

It was the cr@ppest of cr@p days. Started off with having to find someone who could come and let my dog out whilst I was at work, as the person who normally has her during the day couldn't. Then the traffic into work was horrific, and I couldn't get parked as the man with the burger van had cordoned off half the bloody street outside the office. So I'm afraid I ended up shouting at him for expecting the rest of the world to accomodate his bloody bun delivery :o. And then work itself was just pants. I graduated in the summer with a good honours degree and I've had to go back to doing work I was doing 15 years ago. I hate every minute of it. I'd forgotten that temps get designated all the tedious rubbish jobs that no one else wants to do. I sit there doing the same thing all day and it drives me insane (if it wasn't for the fact that they're actually paying me quite well to be bored, I'd have told them to shove it up their bum after day one). To round off the perfect day, I had to drive home in torrential rain.

So by the time I did get home (1hr 30 minutes later), I was very strung out and down. I did momentarily think "Sod it, I'm going to have a fag", but resisted. I know I didn't really want one and it was just a kneejerk conditioned response to a crap day.

My sense of smell has definitely improved. I nearly gagged at the smell the laser printer in my office put out - yet on Friday I hadn't even noticed a smell. Same printer, nothing changed about it. And I realised just how manky the office I'm working in smells. And this is a benefit?!!:D

Anyway, it was a poo day but I got through it without cigarettes - just like thousands of other people get through poo days.

I did have two glasses of wine instead, mind you......:p

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Ouch and you know this how Boudee??? :D:D:D

Fantastic work you keep up the good work:)

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