No Smoking Day

Day 19

Hi All,nearing the end of day 19 for myself and linlin, I am feeling Ok, hope you are to linlin. Reaching nearly the end of day 19, can't say it as been a bad day craving seem to be more spaced out and don't last as long.

Puting my money away each day. Must say my husband children & grandchildren are so proud of me I don't think I could stand to let them down.

Don't get me wrong I am not saying it is easy, but I am saying it does get better day by day. I tried before in July but failed after about ten days but I am not going to fail this time. Lots of love to all of you Night night Joan XXX

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Well Done are going great...


Day 20

Hi to Joanlaw and everyone

Day 19 is over and we're into day 20. None of it's been easy, but so far, so good. I haven't been storing or even counting my saved cash but I keep thinking of the hundreds and even thousands I'd spend if I went back to it. It's just such a shame that however much I spent if I went back to cigs, it wouldn't be as much as I'm intending to spend on implants next year! But if I want to turn my life around, I've got to stay strong.

Amazing that tomorrow marks THREE WHOLE WEEKS!!!!


What Bou said - we indeed are all very proud of you two ;) Coz aw look where you are! I'm so happy to come to the forum and see that you two are steadily climbing your way to the higher storeys :) Well done!!


Thank all you for your support, I don't think we would have come this far without the support on this forum, you are all great, luvs ya all.

Joan xxx and I am including linlin I sure she would agree so from linlin XXX

Yup - from me too! It's an excellent support forum. Maybe one day I'll feel tough enough to give support, not just take.

It's also been great to have a quit partner - Joanlaw has really helped me.


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