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Day 6

Hey back to work... I still feeling this weird sensation telling me" "take a break... have a smoke..." The feeling itself feels like a drive that I have control over but all I need to say to it is "YES bloody sheat!"

I just am really happy to make it to DAY 6 and I am struggling but I just wanna make it to the day the weird feeling disapears.

How long is this gonna take?

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Gave up at 7.40am on the 3rd of July

Day 149

hehe seemed to have gained some days there so I have put my counter back, Coz I be a good girl

I have not had one single puff in 149 dayssssssssssssssssss wow flippen heck corrrrrrrrrrrrr watch me goooooooo

,;'( . ) ( . )';

;';. (o o) .;';

(;;' (_____)'..)


Man is your signature annoying or what? Can't you make it nicer or something? :D


every one is different sweety but you are heading in the right direction

I now no longer need cigs in my life and rarely miss them, I read peoples posts who are early in there quit and it is not like that now for me, not by a long chalk

there is light at the end of the tunnel, you need to see it and just keep moving towards it like I did and you will get there

I will wait for you :)

THAT is the BEST advice I have gotten so far! Thanks I will keep on crawling out... I'll get there soon. Once I'm out I will help the others like you.

Thanks for hanging out there for me.


Something to think about

We often hear ourselves saying "take a break... have a smoke" when the truth is that we need to give ourselves permission to "take a break."

Oftentimes, stopping to light up a cigarette was an excuse to take a break and rest for a moment or two. You need to give yourself permission to rest, not an excuse like "I need a cigarette".

There is no problem with taking a rest--allow yourself to do so with no strings attached!


Quit October 18, 2007

6 weeks, 6 days...


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