No Smoking Day

Ammunition at the ready

:)Hi All

After quitting smoking on Sept 12 for 7 weeks (see previous post on 7 week withdrawal symptoms) and my downfall a few days thereafter, I have armed myself with loads of info from the forum to deal with the 'mind' effects of getting rid of the gremlins in my head.

St Johns' Wort for mild depression and anxiety

Bachs rescue remedy for instant relief from the 'quivers'

Omega 3,6 & 9 fish oils (has protection also from for mild anxiety) - eskimo's always have a smile on their faces?

Multibonda 50 for vitamin top up

Cranberry Juice - Orange Juice to flush out toxins and keep blood sugar levels up

2 weekly massage for relaxation

Just one thing remains is my final decision to name the day for the fight to end all fights.

Here's looking at me kid, the day is getting nearer!



Smoked for 40 odd years

First time ever quit 12 September

Method Cold Turkey

Lost the first round after 7 weeks

Next round ?????

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Best of luck Linda! I get sent to work everyday with a box of potions and pills which i sometimes dutifully consume and sometimes, forget. Not very good with that stuff but I'm sure you are.

So.. here's lookin at you kid.. of all the forums (fora?) in all the world, you had to choose this one..

Oh yes, it's the right one! We're with you all the way


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