Still plodding on

Hi everyone

i am still plodding along cant tell you how many days now but its 5 months.

on the lower dose champix and i am taking them every other day now i have enough to last me to end of Jan and then thats it.

I am sleeping better now which might be to do with the reduced dose, still suffering with wind :o

Still a little concerned with my weight but when i weighed myself on friday i had lost 1/2kg now that doesnt sound like a lot but everytime i have weighed myself since i quit my weight has increased this is the first lose in 5 months.

I am doing a lot og work in the gym 6 days a week, on saturday did 2 1/2hr in gym 70mins wights and 60mins cardio. On work days i do 45-50mins every morning cardio 3 days and weights on the other 2 days, so i am hoping to see more lose in weight over the next couple of months, i need to lose about 15kgs which will take a while, but i have done it once so i can do it again.:cool:

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  • Thats it plod on mate, Win the war with nic then you can wage a war on the extra pounds. Well we all put some on at Christmas anyway eh? Good luck. x

  • Miss B

    That what you get for being a bunken drum hic.

    Yeah of course 10 bottles of voddy will affect your bloody weight, but i would have thought you would have peed most of that out. LOL

  • Well done shellfish.

    5 months is a great place to be.

    Keep up the work in the gym too, if your like me I find it really really helps.

    Did a few miles run tonight, achieved the target i'd been working on for a while and it feels great to accomplish it!

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