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Day 4 and got such a sore throat



Hi Everyone, well ive woken up feeling really crappy this morning... ive got a really sore throat and been sneezing heaps... My muscles under my arms are really sore too so im thinking this is the start of a cold or flu :(

So have not had one single crave today yet and hope it stays this way ;)

Just wondering - Is everyone from this forum from the UK? or are there some other folk from around the world? Just asking because im in Australia and hope im not invading a UK only based website??? but everyone is so warm and welcoming and I feel so at home already?

Anyway here is to 4 days without smoking...

Today i have a new addiction...LIFE!!!

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Hey Ellen,

Welcome, you are doing really well!!

I really hope your feeling better soon xxxx

Welcome aboard Ellenb, sorry your not so well today, im the same full of cold. couldnt smoke IF i wanted to Ha! Its not as bad a cold as usual but that maybe because its the first ive had since my quit. time will tell if it gets any worse or not eh? stay strong. x

Like an itch that wont go away

Reached day 7 - not been an easy week. Today, not feeling as irritable, but strangely been craving ciggie every 10 mins or so, though nothing I can't handle. Just wondered everyone when these feelings start getting easier?

like an itch that won't go away

Cazbags - it DOES get easier!!! Just remember your body is now rid of the nicotine and it's the mental bit you r left with.

30 years of smoking is a long time to develop habits and that I found was the hardest bit to cope with.:(

I never thought I'd get to over 4 months during those few weeks cos sometimes it was really hard. Those are the times I came on this site to all these wonderful folk here, like Boudee and Buffy who are major stars, and reading what others were experiencing helped me.

Hang on in there, day at a time!!!

like an itch that won't go away

Whoops should read 'during those FIRST few weeks'

Yup the old 'cough and general crap in throat' feeling.. usually a week or so after quitting. Its good to know the old lungs start repairing so quickly if you ask me!

Unless it is just a cold :(


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