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No Smoking Day
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NiQuitin patches


I'm now into my 2nd week - I really cannot believe I have actually gone 14 days without a cigarette (after smoking for over 40 years).

I have been using the Nicotinell 21mg patches for the 2 weeks but now my doctor has given me a prescription for NiQuitin patches 21mg (not the clear type).

May I just ask if anyone else has used them and if they are OK.

Many thanks, Jen :)

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Hi Jen,

Welcome to the forum and well done on your decision to quit!

I've used niquitin cq on my last 2 quits and even though they are 24 hour patches, I was still taking them off a night because of the erratic sleep and strange dreams I was having.

The only other negative thing about them is that in hot weather, they tend to come off quite easily.

You get the itching when you put them on but that subsides after awhile and I think its the same with most brands of patches.

I also used Nicorette patches a few years ago and to be quite honest, they're all the same and do the same job.

Good luck with your quit!:D Stay strong!;)



hi, i think you will find no difference between them, i swap from one to the other whichever is on offer. its my third week on patches and wageing war on nic he he! good luck rita


LOVE niquitin patches, bit of itching, but little craving, which is a big bonus. Also dont get the weird dreams I had with nicorette patches...strange sometimes but not the scary falling off the mountain top dreams!! Having said that the other night I was convinced one of the ducks was on the bed with me, but it was just the boarder collie looking lovingly at me. Mrs B told her to get on the floor and go to sleep!!


hehehehehehehehe thats really funny dave! :D made me laugh!


Well done Jen..I can't use the patches as I am allergic to the adhesive on them..my husband used different brands of patches as he used to pick them up from the supermarket on his way home from work and only looked at the mg not the brand name or if they were clear or not, he said there was no difference.. it will be 2yrs in may of next year since he smoked he also believes he could not have done it withought the help of the patches... he was a very heavy smoker and smoked for more than 40 yrs..Good luck Jen you are doing great..Behappyxx


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