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Hello everyone,

my name is Andy and I have now quit smoking for 25 days, only just found this forum.

Its great to see so many people in a similar boat. Well done everyone.

I want to know what symptoms other people are experiencing passing the 3 week mark, mentally I am very strong, really want this and don't feel like I need a smoke, which is great. I am however feeling it on my chest, only way I can describe it is lungs feeling like they are tingling making me feel sick. Does anyone else experience this?

You read loads of information and the way they describe how after 72hrs your great, well what a load of crap. I guess it takes time for your body to readjust to operating like it should now we are not poisioning it.

What are other peoples experiences, thoughts.

Thanks for listening, its nice to be able to come somewhere where other people are experiencing and in the same position as you.


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hey Andy

I ended up here looking for the same answer. Everything says 72 hrs and everything is gravy.... that is CRAP:mad:

I am just past the 3 week mark on this go. My cough is finally gone but I am still have some cravings. Mostly I just feel more on edge.. more willing to pick a fight of start an arguement more agressive and less patient. I also went through some what I could only call depression which is strange because there was no logic to it. I will not claim to be the chillest most happy dude around but definatley I am way beyound my norm.

Your lungs have alot of cleaning out to do so they are probably reacting to the change. If they dont improve you should see a doctor though. The first time I quit (sadly one of many attempts) my lungs felt awful for weeks.

Definitley the idea that everything is cool after 3 days is BS. I think you will learn that fast by hearing from other quitters. I think that is the time that it takes the nictotine to leave your system it is certainly not the time it takes to beat the addiction or recover from the smoking.

25 days is a good stretch. Best luck and I hope you feel better



As to the 72hr or 3 day thing and 3wk 3mthetc I don't really beleive it. After trying to quit LOTS of times I have come to the conclusion that just as everyones quit is different, so is everyones feelings at different times. EG alot of folk avoid alcohol and coffee - doeasn't bother me at all. I never got the 3wk thing but a few days after I got a massive crave!!!!!!! (i've been quit a month now) I really think people read too much into stuff and then think something is wrong if their own quit isn't exactly the same as someone elses. They need to 'think out of the box' as it were. We are individuals are we not?

(gets off soapbox!):D:D


with me my chest has gone tight since i stopped,which is only 13 days and also seem to get a lot of syliva which tastes fowl but seems to be subsideing.

it is probably the body saying to you it is starting to work the sicky feeling could be the tar leaving your lungs im no expert but these nice people on here will help you out


Thanks everyone, its good to hear other peoples versions of their quits. I know everyone is different and experience different effects due to the stopping of smoking. Just interested in general on how others are feeling etc

Looking forward to reaching the 1 month mark :)

Looking forward to reaching a stage when my body has forgiven me for smoking 10 to 15 fags a day for 10 years:mad:

Least we are all giving up now hey:D

Thanks again for the replies.



Ah you will be smoke free and forgiven and proud :D

25 days!! pretty good start ;)

Well done Andy x x

We all know here, how it is a battle and just because many around you have forgotten that you ever smoked, we know that it goes on for a bit more than 3 days :D

~Buffy x x


Hi Andy. Well Done on your quit and you are do so well.

I have found this forum to be a god send to me. Just knowing there are other people going through the same thing has helped me and i am sure i would have caved in by now if it was for here.

I dont really think i have had any bad symptoms since quitting. I too feel mentallystrong and know i will do it this time.

I have been waiting for the the yuk to clear off my chest because i have heard that i should be coughing up yuk but thats not happened.

I have been a bit tearfull on some days and also felt like i will never stop thinking about smoking.

Keep going and keep telling us how you are doing.


Hi Andy, Well Done on your quit!!! I'm on day 20 today and like you feel very focussed, however I'm on the Champix drug ... although only half dose for the last week ... so I didn't know whether what I was feeling was drug side effects or nic withdrawal.

Anyway one thing I'm still waiting for is the cough which I've not been bothered with at all (so don't think I'll get one now), lungs seem fine at the mo but were really tight in the first week, especially at night. Have really suffered though with awful tasting saliva probs (like Hoot I think), nasty cataargh, and a really dry tickly throat through the night that wakes me up cos u need to cough but its not productive :(. So not much sleep going on at the mo, but apart from that I've been really lucky both with the drug side effects and withdrawal cos I feel really positive this time and strangely in a really good mood, feel a lot happier now than I ever did smoking :rolleyes:.

But I think Kazza is so right, everyone is different and each person will suffer with different things in their quit, just go with the flow but if you're really struggling with any of the withdrawal symptoms then go see your doctor.

Keep strong and many congrats, you must be sooooo proud of yourself, I know we are :D:D.

Carol x


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