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No Smoking Day
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New here, my story

hello there... i am pleased to be on the forum and would just like to make an intro post...

i am 21 now and have been smoking since i was 14... at the moment i am smoking around 20+ rollies a day and i find most of the time i smoke i am either at pc desk (which iv been soo used to smoking at for years) or at work (usually before i start work i get that feeling that i must have a ciggy before work because iv been in that routine for soo long)

i have set myself some tasks to stick to as of the 11th october...

cut down to 5 a day for the time being... and make a diary so i note how many iv had

change old habbits by not smoking at pc desk (i have done that for years and i just sit and chain smoke there), or at work... this way when i quit it wil be easier because i wont be craving cigarettes as much when im in places where i have craved chain smoking for soo many years.

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I don't agree with you there Boudee. I think he is on the right track to quit date and any change is for the best. When I got out of the hospital from pnumeonia and failed that quit attempt I did the same thing. I had to or I knew I would never be successful. I still haven't succeeded but and well into the process.

YOu do what works for you! Drink lots of water and lemon. For some reason it really does help with the cravings and flushing the system.

Welcome and good luck


It is all or nothing, I agree with you there. There is no such thing as one cigarette. But some people need to switch things up a bit and build up to that psychological impact that smoking can have on some people.


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