No Smoking Day

Day 5 And I Still Have A Terrible Sore Throat

This is not getting easier for me...the weekend is here now (dread) and I know it will be harder that during the week because I work and never smoke at a matter of fact I am a closet smoker..nobody in the world knows that I throat seems worse than it was when I was smoking 5 days ago. Hmm..any advice would be marvelous..

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The cilia (little hairs that line the lungs) are trying to clear the dirt from smoking out of your lungs and your throat. The hairs are there to sweep the dirt out, but when you smoke the hairs are burnt off and therefore can't work. Now that you are not smoking the Cilia has grown back and is doing it's job.

When you quit smoking, your body’s respiratory system attempts to clean itself out. This can result in excessive coughing and even a runny nose. It is best to drink lots of fluids at this time in order to help your body cleanse itself.

Things will get easier it just takes some time. Keep yourself busy and maybe in your case, being with people might help you because you don't smoke in front of people anyway.

Take care of yourself ~ you are doing great! :D


Thank You!!

I love this is helping me get through this terrible period ...Boudee, thank you for you kind support as well as everyone else here that has replied. I have taken to knitting like a maniac and listening to Elvis Costello on my Also, I am treating myself to a massage with the money I have saved from not drinking or smoking. I cannot drink while I am doing this because it is a major trigger for me...I already tried to relax with a glass of wine after work and sure enough all defenses are down and I am jonesing for a cigarette. I craved one so bad the other night I actually went to see a Russell Crowe movie til 11:30pm...I cannot stand Russell Crowe but I needed to get out for a few 6 here!!


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