No Smoking Day

My own personal nightmare

hi people

posted on here a few times and yep up to day 70 cold turkey and still no smoking BUT................................

i have started to re-do my 3d art work on the computer the program i use is poser 7 and it is a very hard experience to not smoke when working as i used to smoke like a trooper when i was using this program.

but sticking to it and yes no puff but so tempted at times its unreal but i keep thinking to myself its only a habit........ its only a habit and that helps.

my little quit meter sais 3846 ciggies not smoked and i have saved £192.40 but gained 2 stones and a fat tummy.

but my skin looks better my teeth look better i dont wheeze anymore my little yellow stain round my smoking finger has gone so all good stuff in the end so roll on month 3 people.

and yes in case your wondering i smoked average of 55 roll ups a day ( old holborn ) and an odd pack of ciggies when i could afford them for the last 28 years

reading all your suggestions and thoughts have helped me remain strong so well done to all xxxxx

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Hi Tim,

first off congrats on your quit, day 70 sounds like an amzing achievement! :eek: :)

Just yesterday on this forum in the Change Of Seasons thread I posted something that might explain what you're going through too. I was merely reporting something I've read that was rather interesting, about how when you quit smoking both your body and especially brain have to sort of readjust to your routines, as in experience without smoking each and every one of those routines in order to completely gain control over the nic demon lurking in the dark of our mind. They consider that one year is usually what it takes for ex-smokers to re-live every typical routine, go through all the old triggers and hence get over them once and for all. That's also why the cravings may surprise ex smokers even many many months after the quit, as soon as an old routine long lost surfaces again with its smoke loaded memories attached :D

I believe it's true, and that we must be strong and resist the urge, keeping in mind that those weird, unexpected cravings we might be having are just part of the healing process, and they're meant to be in order for our brain to once and for all win the war against that nasty addiction :D


day 53 or 54 and lately its been hard,seems like all day cigs on my mind.


Wow Francesca, that explains a lot - my last quit failed after about 7 months when I went out with some girlies that I always smoked with and hadn't seen for about a year - I did get a bit merry (well very drunk actually!) and this is when I lapsed big time... Funnily enough my friend quit smoking that evening as she drank and smoked so much it put her off and she hasn't smoked since!

Enjoy your weekend!




Thanks Boudee,that has helped


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