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Cigar nicotine content?



I'm ready to quit and don't fancy cold turkey, so will be trying a substitute.

I smoke cafe creme blue, which are a small cigar. However, there is nothing on the packet to indicate tar and nicotine content, like you see on cigarette packets. I have searched endlessly online without success. Has anyone got any idea of these amounts or point me in the right direction? I don't want to start a course of treatment that is higher in nicotine than i'm used to.

I am an ex cigarette smoker and know the cravings are less than with cigarettes.

Thanks in advance.

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Sorry, i think you mis understand.

I quit cigarettes years ago, and now want to quit these cigars. I am trying to find out the nicotine content before i get patches, chewing gum or the like.

The nicotine content in a cigar(even though itmay be a small one ) is HIGHER than your aveage cig. Plus you have a much higher chance of contracing oral cancer as the fumes stay in your mouth longer (regardless if you inhale or not)

So sorry to be the bearer of bad news Please q:eek: uit now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, but the system like Yours:

Cigarettes-Cigars-Nicotine chews etc is just a delay. If You quit - do it NOW and not just reducing the amount of nicotine.

Wish You luck!

I think that nicotine replacement is great. There is no way I would have managed even lasting one day without it. It lets you get used to not smoking without the distraction of the physical withdrawal symptoms, which I find really hard. I have reduced my nicotine replacement to just a few lozenges a day and am now on day 22. Although i intend to soon cut them out altogether i would be very happy to stay on them if necessary as the harm of the tar and other crap in tobacco is so much worse for you than a little NRT.

I know it doesn't work for some but it has worked for me so far. If I had entered this forum and had a lot of people saying I must go cold turkey to me I would not be here now.

Good luck

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