No Smoking Day

Week 4

28 days today, moving into week 5, wooo hoooo!!! :D

Will wait till next Tues to move to month 2, as i stopped on 4th Aug.

Still can't really believe it, i don't smoke anymore, fan-bloody-tastic!!!

Pulled a top out of the wardrobe last night, pulled it on, urrrggghhhh, stunk of fags!!

Still can't get over how bad it smells and i used to smell like that ALWAYS!!! :eek:

Stay strong everyone!!:D :D

2 Replies

Week 5?! Fantastic! Sounds really grown up and everything.

Well done CB!



I hate that!!! lol

Way to go choco!!

Yeah!! you don't smoke!! :eek:

You are a Star x x

~Buffy x x


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