No Smoking Day
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My body seems to be punishing me

I quit around July 20th-ish.

And the biggest thing with me to get through is my health getting back on track.

After I quit, I promptly got sick about a week after the quit date.

Strep C. Nasty.

But I'm over it, and I'm over smoking!

But every morning, I wake up and I feel like I smoked a PACK the night before! My chest feels tight and congested, but I don't cough much. It's just an uncomfortable feeling.

And my voice is hoarse like a croak! Again, I feel like I have a cigarette hangover in the mornings.

It sucks.

I mean, I've slipped alot this first month. I've smoked maybe....7 cigarettes since I quit. But shit....I haven't bought a pack in like 5 weeks...I'm not smoking daily....Those cigarettes were on my birthday and drinking nights.

So I'm doing good. And when I did smoke them, it felt totally yucky. Like, I got NO enjoyment out of it.

I've done a really good job of mentally training myself to NOT like cigarettes. I almost have an aversion to them, I've tricked myself so well.

But it's all for the better. And my boyfriend quit with me too!

I'm so proud of us!

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Great job and congrats on your quit! I have been a non-smoker since Aug 13th, 2007 and I feel the same feeling in my chest. I haven't had any slips, not even a puff, but my chest feels tight most days as well. Feels like I smoked 3packs of cigs ~ YUCKY!! I haven't coughed anything up so maybe it's black nastiness stuck on my lungs, I have no idea..but I know the feeling - IT SUCKS!


Me also sometimes but I am only 2 weeks in.


Heya little one,

I think the chest is a little raw, after years of thick gunk covering it!

It is now cleaner and unused to it

(like a nail that goes below the finger tip, feels sensitive)

that tightness is it being sensitive, till the new lungs are comfy again, occasionally smoking probably extends the process too.

Well done on reaching month 2 !!

Stay strong x x

~Buffy x x


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