Day 7

Hi Everybody,

I don't post very often but I do read the posts several times a day, I find them very helpful in my endeavers to quite smoking. Well I am in the middle of day 7 with no problems at all, it seems easier this time, however I find myself having to keep busy, I go for a 10K walk everyday. Thanks for the support all and by the way it looks like a good fall in North America and Europe as Springsteen is touring with a new album, I like his music went to 10 shows in his 2003 tour.

2 Replies

  • Hi jhurrle, well done for reaching Day 7 and it sounds as though you're making light work of it. Brilliant.

    See you in Day 8 and so on..!:D

  • Heya jhurrle,

    Well Done for reaching the end of a week!!

    walking is good!! nice one.

    Enjoy the Boss :cool:

    ~Buffy x x

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