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For Whiteboy - Day 4


IT'S DAY 4!!

I hope you're ok and feeling a bit better this morning. Let's also hope that you will not have so much of the dizziness and shaky feelings today.

You are doing sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo well - just AWESOME!!

Hope your day is full of sunshine and smiles - let me know if you're ok.

Big cuddly hugs


Always watching your back - you'd better believe it!!

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Thanks babe x

Well just had my first gum and so far so good i will keep you all informed;)


Ahhhhhh that's my boy - well done Whitey.

Thursday today so only tomorrow and then the weekend so you can do something nice. And Sunday will be your Day 7 so it'll come round really fast.

Hope you have a really good morning and hopefully chat at lunch.


Hugs for you



Well done Whiteboy, keep going, stay strong.

xxxxx Pupalup xxxxxx


Have to say no sides today apart from i feel very aggresive:mad:

I hope in the next few days it will start to get better:cool:


Ooooo lovely you need a good squashy cushion to bash or something like a bean bag coz they're so squashy too.

Remember deep breaths are really good for calming down, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Sorry you probably know all this but I have to know so much about calming down techniques coz of my kids.

Fresh air is also really good - helps clear the head.

It will get better Whitey - promise you. Look I'm sending uri geller thoughts now down to you so hope you feel a bit better.

Biiig Hugggs


Always watching your back - you'd better believe it!!


Well day 4 comes to a end thank god was a tough day today the gum did not seem to work today dont know if it was in my head but i will be glad to have a few drinks and go to bed hopeing day 5 will be better:(


You going out Mr Whitey?? or having a beer at home??

You've done brilliantly - really proud of you lovely.

You can go to bed feeling ever so proud of yourself too - I think we both can tonight hey.

Tough old day - but let's hope tomorrow is a better one for us both - but whatever we're in this together and we'll get there. So if you need me just get in touch ok sweetie???

Loads of hugs


Always watching your back - and you'd better believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I'm putting more exclamations on to emphasise the point!!!!!)))))


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