No Smoking Day
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good day all

how we all coping being smoke free

i had letter from my doctor the other day regarding an asthma review and a COPD review which includes a spirometry test?. i have arranged the COPD review for my day off this friday it only takes 1/2hr, my asthma review isnt till the end of sept. Since i stopped smoking i have not used my inhaler at all, i am not even sure if i have asthma when i was originally diagnosed i was told it was bronchitis but when tablets didnt clear it up doctors decided it was asthma and since then i have had an inhaler which i have used twice a day, then when i stopped smoking i stopped using it.

Anyone had a spirometry test whats it like?

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Yeah I had one last month as my lung still has troubles and I gasp from time to time following my pneumonia and pleurisy 6 months ago!! :eek:

You just take in a full breathe then blow down a tube till you have totally emptied your lungs and feel like you may collapse in a pile hehehehe

It's funny!!

Totally non invasive, you get results there and then, they will know then if you need the inhaler or not.

Mine was fine and I don't need one :) just have off lung days :rolleyes: lol


Thanks Buff

thats something to look forward to on friday.

i look forward to our little chats each day, you are our forum guru

oh wise and wonderful one:p

i made the mistake of weighing myself again yesterday, yes i know i just dont learn and i have put another 4kgs on, i think that a lot of that could be down to the weight training i am doing and some of the fat has turned to muscle which is heavier than fat hence weight gain, mind you with the amount of weight i have put on recently if its gone to muscle i should look like michael chiklis from the fantastic four but i dont, i look more like mister blobby.

I will keep going to the gym 5 days a week eventually i should start losing the weight again. i just have this fear that i will end up like my bro he quit 12 yrs ago and weighed 16stone hes 3" shorter than me at 6' 4" but he has had lots of problems with his weight and he goes up and down between 19 and 21 stone i dont want to end up a fat bas*terd like him.


Ahhhh brotherly love :rolleyes:

Heheheh so that makes you like 6' 7"!!

don't get called short arse then! :rolleyes:

Lol @ forum guru *snigger*

Thanks, glad you enjoy my words of wisdom :D hehe

If you eat the right things and workout everything will be just fine x x x It took around 5 months for my weight and eating to settle, still heavier than pre quit but less than my peak!!

Hopefully as i say the wobbly bits will sort out on returning to the gym!! :D

Until then bring on the Bingo Wings Forum!! hehehehe

~Buffy x x


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