No Smoking Day
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My First Day

This time im goin for it, ive given up before but started again when my nan died, but im not gunna let anythin stop me now...

My grandfather just died of lung cancer because he smoked, he was in his 70's, i wanna live longer and feel better about myself.

And it would be nice not to smell lol...

im 18 hours in and on the patches so the only craving i have is wanting to stuff food in my mouth.

Hope you are all ok :):)

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Welcome, good luck, don't worry about the food bit for now, we all go through that stage (worry about the weight afterwards - as they say just eat sensibly - doughnuts, chocolate etc hehe lol only joking).

Stay strong

xxxxx Puplalup xxxxx


I did that my first week....if it wasn't nailed down I was eating it. As you can see from my pic there isn't any room to spare there and I have to listen to my mother tell me how she quit two years ago and never gained a pound! So....concentrate on the not quitting first, then worry about your weight. Keep your hands busy and stay occupied. Lots of water helps too. It flushes the toxins, keeps you feeling full, helps the skin and organs...lots of benefits.


LOL thanx all, im not worried about my weight id rather gain a stone and 10 years of life than be the same weight and die when im not ready :)


Reading on this site makes me more confident...there are people on here who have been smoking for a lot longer and more a day, i feel that i can do this totally...

:) yey me lol


good luck with the quit, and dont wory about the weight. I joined a gym and go 3 times a week, its a great way to keep yourself fit and to forget all about smoking. :) :)


Hi congrats on your quit you will get great support on here this is a great site help is at hand when ever you need it so welcome Linda xxxx



Welcome to the site x x

Great decision on quitting!!

The drive to turn your life around is going to be a strong tool!!

Stay with that positivity, stay strong and Keep eating :D

~Buffy x x


Ive got a craving for peanuts but im at work lol.....

Thanks for all the encouragement. I hope my Partner is doin ok, we both quit at the same time :)

i must get some nuts on the way home today, and maybe some dried fruit to nibble on :)


Hi awsw2005,

Good luck in your quest to quit smoking! You will get loads of support on here!

Take care and enjoy!

Christof. :cool:


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