No Smoking Day

day 31

hiya everybody

i love getting advice from you guys on here, we can all understand and relate to each other because we are all nicotene addicts that are in one way or another refusing to be ruled by it any longer whether it be by cold turkey or nrt or the newer methods. but doesnt it get a little annoying when people give all the advice in the world to you whilst puffing away at a cigg themselves, especially when your coping very well with the fact that there blowing smoke all over you. it seems that some people are not just happy enough to light up in front of you but they also want to bring up a conversation about the fact there smoking and you dont lol! ive got two friends that say there not adicted. one wants to stop but finds it impossible cos his other half smokes. and the other one has a partner that has been on patches for a couple of weeks but refuses to give up because they feel they dont need to because there not addicted to it and only smoke socially . what makes me feel that they must surely both be addicted even though they swear there not is who on gods earth would put 4000 deadly chemicals into there body for the fun of it? you gotta be addicted to do that unless you suicidal!

sorry about that peeps, just wanted to have a moan. hope all are doing well!

HAS ANYONE SEEN SMOKELESS IN CANADA ? not seen any threads from him in a while.hope his doing ok.

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Hi Destiny,

Friends and smoking makes an interesting study in human nature. Notice how genuinely your non smoking friends will express pleasure at your success in quitting and contrast that with your still smoking friends. The latter will probably fall somewhere between tight lipped congratulation and unconcealed resentment.

On a previous quit purely for devilment I accepted a cigarette on a night from one friend and watched as three friends then almost fell over each other to offer a light. When I gave it back proclaiming it was just a joke and I didn't want it, one friend in particular was properly angry about it, feeling I'd made a fool of him - says it all really. Add to that how immediately understanding and sympathetic your smoking friends are if you fail - their relief can be almost tangible.

It's not necessarily that they're nasty evil people, who don't warrant your friendship, just that a lot of smokers would love to be rid of their addiction, but fear the task and so feel threatened by being confronted with your success. If you fail, they can breathe an enormous sigh of relief and carry on smoking without guilt.


That is spot on, it's guilt that makes smokers resent someone who is quitting.

Nicotene is an awful addiction, I have known people who have had marriage problems because one has quit and the other hasn't - opposite way around, the ex smoker resenting the smoker couldn't quit...


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