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stop counting

People keep telling now, to stop counting the days, cause its been long enough now. Its only day 24 and if they don't want to know, why do they ask me, how its going. I was talking to a friend last night, who's been given up for nearly 7years and he said he it didn't bother him, cause he didn't keep going on about it. So now I feel like I'm boring ppl, keep going on about smoking. Just fed up. I didn't tell anyone to begin with cause I knew, they were all just waiting for me to fail. Just would like someone close to me, to say their proud of me.

Sorry as you can see, I'm in a self pity mood today:(

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Poor pipple, ignore the them, you have done so well and you deserve to be praised, not be made to feel boring.

People have prob got used to not smoking now and are not expecting you to fail, but you stil deserve praise coz you have come so far and done so well you absolute star you!

Dont let this put you off, maybe your nearest and dearest just arent aware that you still need praise and encouragement, because it is still very hard and is a big achievement, why not put it to them gently that a bit of encouragement and praise would really help you at the moment, coz they prob dont even realise.

Stay strong pipple.

ps WE ARE ALL PROUD OF YOU! (Not the same I know but its something at least, hehehe):)



Oh hark at you. " Only day 24"


Thats amazing in my books. If I had to bet, my money would be on the fact they are a little jealous of your success. A bit like I am :cool:

Hang in there!



Thanks guys it really feels good the support we all have for each other on here.

I've decided to spend the money I've saved, on a spray-tan, having my hair done and a manicure. So when I see them this weekend, I can prove to everyone, how good I look since I've given up.


oh pipple

dont worry about what other people think, just make sure you keep praising yourself:) people who have never smoked in there life will never ever understand what all the fuss is about when smokers are trying to quit, and ex smokers who have already achieved what we are all aiming for (too not smoke and feel 100% fine in not doing so) are much further down the line then we are and really do forget just how hard it was. which is frustrating but at least it tells us one thing for sure -one day we will be like them and probably be thinking "cor its not the end of the world, ive done it" when we come across others that are at our stage. which proves that there is light at the end of the tunnel for us and we wont always feel this way;) . keep up the good work you are doing great!!!


Good on ye lass, that will show em!

hehehe they'll be green with envy. serves em right!

Stay Strong, Charlene. :D


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