No Smoking Day
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yipee starting month 2!

hello all

i made it past sunday and our big family picnic! there was about 32 of us and most were smokers, amazingly i found it so easy, and it really didnt bother me! i did watch one particular smoker though that was lighting up in the middle of a game of rounders and lighting up whilst in the middle of eating a bag of crisp. i think that was enough to put me off the idea to want to join the smoking gang again. i was never that bad but im sure at one time neither was he. i felt really proud of myself when i got home because i was so worried that it was gonna be a nightmare that i even nearly didnt go.

today has been good, im making the most of these easier days because i know that nasty nic is still lurking around ready to pounce on me again ! and hopefully i will be ready for him when he does !!!:mad:

hope all are doing well, i will try and get on tomorrow to read the other posts and reply to some, im so so tired that ive got to go and get some shut eye as soon as ive finished this. goodnight to you all and stay strong:)

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