No Smoking Day

movin' on up!

This is the start of week 3 for's not too bad but for some reason last weekend was hell. Felt really bad, kind of 'itchy' and irritable and restless. :eek: Not sure exactly why, but I seem to find the weekdays so much easier than the weekend

On the whole I feel better except that my head really 'hurts' sometimes just keeping focused. :confused:

Onwards and upwards I guess.

Good luck to everyone this week :D

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Week 3 for me, too.

I found the weekend to be pretty much ok as it's really busy at home with the children to look after.

And, now, there are some rather pleasant remarks being made to me like 'You already look better' & 'You're done it!!! Keep it up - don't go back!!'.

How can I disappoint people who've made these remarks? So, I *have* to stay on track.

Stay strong - all..... we're on the same journey to freedom..... keep up!!!

Pete :D


Welcome to Week 3 and well done for getting here:) :)


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