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No Smoking Day
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It Does Get Easier

Hi Friends.

I thought i better let you know how my quit is going.

I quit on the 8 of march.

I`m fitter now than i have been for many years. I enjoy jogging most days.

I would not say i have done it as a quit is for life right !!!

I don't get cravings anymore so it is correct what people say it does get easier as time goes on.

no weight gain :D

can breathe now :D

life has never been better. :)

see ya at 6 months ;)

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Thanks for the post Andy.

Its nice to know its all worth it.I was really worried at the start about cravings. I had a real fight with it.

Its good to hear about others success stories.

You have done brilliantly.

Barb x


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