No Smoking Day

one awful day followed by one good day

day 15 - what a day. boys got me up at 6.30am, so i started the day out tired. four friends and there little ones came over for a drink in the garden, (all smokers) i spent all day full filling all the kiddies demands, cooking everyones food then cleaning it all up for them, aswell as keeping up with me washing and other house duties while they drank and smoked til the cows come home. usually on a day like this i too would have a drink and a laugh, but i felt a total outcast, i did anything to avoid to much contact with any of them because i so badly wanted to have a smoke (so i also avoided having a drink) my hubbie was having a great time with them as his well past the temptation to smoke anymore. i just found it so so hard. i am still finding it so hard (like on day 14) with the sun shining and the fact its a weekend and the children are home so i cant easily distract myself with a book or have a nap etc... today having friends round was deffinitly not easy this time round!

day 16 - today couldnt of been more different. me and hubbie celebrated 19 years of first meeting and went to leeds castle for the day. my patch kept falling off and lost its sticky by late morning so i just took it off. i have felt fine all day, didnt replace patch when i got home due to feeling more awake and much less moody today without it.

on this site you count day 1 as the day you stop smoking dont you? so i had no ciggs from when i woke on the 1st july (making me now 16 days in)

just checking as people keep pointing out to me that im actually on day 15 now, as i had my last cig at 2am on the 1st july which means it wasnt one day until 2am 2nd july blah blah blah. lol

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way to go destiny same as me today realbad day hopefully better tomoz well done keep going im trying lol:D


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