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I heard day Three is the hardest

I wanted to check in here on day three as part of my program. I have made it. Not one cigarette. I thought my sense of smell was increased as I walked around today but maybe it was my imagination, I think maybe it takes a lot more time for that to happen.

I am the best man in my best mates wedding on Wednesday and it's going to be a smokefest. I am trying to figure out a way to enjoy the wedding and stay away from the cigarettes. Any advice?

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well done and keep going, it gets easier.

i noticed my sense of smell had improved by day 2, i was starting to smell the smoke on other smokers and it turns your stomach!

im on day 7 now, the ban comes in in just 1 hour and a quarter.

im glad i started this last week and not today!


Hi Prof,

Well done on staying smoke free. How have your cravings been? I've been surpised this time round just how mild and infrequent mine have been. It's my day 13 today. I really had to quit smoking cos I was smoking between 40 to 50 a day and coughing so badly in the morning my next door neighbour commented on it!! I'd been coughing like that for a few months and yet by the end of day three the cough had almost gone.

As for your forthcoming wedding, in the quitting process there'll inevtitably be periodic hurdles such as first visit to the local, first big night out, first holiday etc. In my experience (as a serial quitter) the events that I fear I may have difficulty getting through often surprise me by not being as bad as I would have been expecting. This may be because I recognise the potential for failure and psyche myself up for it. Thing is whenever you pass through one of these hurdles and come out the other side smoke free, it's an incredibly satisfying and confidence boosting feeling, so on the day of the wedding imagine waking up the following morning still smoke free and how fantastic that will feel.

Oh and plan some small but valuable treat to reward yourself for your effort.

Best of luck and I hope you enjoy the wedding.



Yup what Dicky said :D

You could take something to occupy yourself with during craves too; worry beads, magnets, gum, do you remember rubiks snake? great fiddle distraction :D or even an image to close your eyes and focus on. To be honest in a situation like this, you are going to be so busy and social time will flyby!

If you feel a situation become difficult ie people spark up, you can go mingle!

Enjoy the day and be kind with that speech :D

~Buffy x


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