No Smoking Day

Month 2 - Woohoo - Does it get any easier now?

Hello guys

Well I made it into the second month - yey.

Seems a bit of a hollow victory though as this last couple of days i've been more tempted than ever to waiver.

About a week ago I really thought I had it beaten but it seems the monster isn't giving up without a fight.

I've come so far and I don't want to fail now.

Any advice gratefully received.

(as a footnote, if anyone at an earlier stage of quitting is reading this, this last week I have felt a thousand times better than when I smoked and I'm sure that in a day or two I'll feel great again. Don't let my depressed ramblings put you off. Giving up isn't easy... but NOTHING worthwhile is!)

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Hello Mr chairman :D

Indeed as you say this is a new crave unlike those before and doesn't come with that ill feeling, This is a new stage to the quit, it's like the novelty wears off and a new low comes.

My suggestion is to start rewarding yourself again, as in the first place when you quit. Remind yourself how well you are doing and spoil yourself maybe take up a hobby.

Regardless of what you do, it will soon pass x x x x

Stay strong x it's just an an annoyance and will go as quick as it came x x

~Buffy x


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