No Smoking Day

Day Two is Difficult

Hello. My name is Brian and I am new to the forums. I quit smoking yesterday. This is the note I wrote my cigarettes:

Goodbye Cigarettes,

I thought for quite a while that you were helping me deal with things. You were only helping me satisfy nicotine addiction hour-to-hour, day-to-day. You have cost me my father, my health, my appearance, my money, my smell, my taste, my energy, and probably posture. You have made me a supporter of a company I do not believe in and so have made me a hypocrite. You are the worst thing in my life and we are breaking up. I don’t want to see you anymore. I hate you.

My new life is clean, athletic, adventurous, and pure, and you have no part in it. I will rid you from my life completely and tell others about you. I have nothing to do with you anymore. Thanks for being a unnecessary crutch, thank you for nothing. I will heal and remove you from my future.



I am twenty-four and have been smoking since I was thirteen in a big way. Both my parents were smokers, and I watched my father die in front of me last year from a sudden heart attack. I promised myself to quit. My mom has cut down, my brother is in trouble.

I wish they would stop selling cigarettes, seriously, is there any other consumer product this poisonious that sits on the shelves?

I have had it, but day two is tough. I can't believe I am sweating because of nicotine withdraw. Is this normal. My head feels like a balloon. If I am going to feel this way everyday, I think I would rather die of lung cancer in twenty-years. Does this feeling get significantly better after say, a week, a month?

I am on mint nicotine gum, and it seems to A.) help B.) taste like crap.

Good luck to everyone trying to quit. I am there with you.

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Morning Brian and welcome to the forum:)

The early days are difficult but the craves get less as time goes on.

I am on the patches aswell as mint nicotine gum to use as back up when craves are strong.

I do still have craves , but alot less frequent,even though they are quite stronge craves.

Very sorry about to hear about your Father . I hope you can be stronge and we will all support you on here. You are not alone.

Keep up the good work

Barb x


Hello Brian and welcome x x x x

That was a great idea, the letter. It is a way to say goodbye to it all giving you a sense of closure and help you to move on. very wise x x

It is indeed a process of ups and downs and easy it certainly isn't.

Drink water to help ease the ill side of things. If your side effects are worrying you, visit a doctor. S/he will help you, it could well be a virus unfortunately coinciding! a cessation nurse can help you chose a method to suit you. If your swimming hard upstream it's going to make it a lot tougher, get all the support you can and try and find positive things in all this.

Rewards, treats, hobbies you need to spoil yourself rotten x x

Are you parking your gum between cravings? right up back behind your teeth?

I used to hate the taste and it made me feel sick and i had mouthful of blisters. When i realised i wasn't parking it properly it helped loads!

I reckon it's a hell of a lot easier than living in pain for the last years of your life knowing your going to leave early and leave behind loved ones. Just we haven't experienced that yet, so hard to compare. Having lost your father you have felt the loss it inflicts and it is a step for you, he wouldn't want it for you x x



I kinda liked the taste of those mint gum pieces. I had some left from my last attempt and decided to use them until they were all gone this time around. I chewed the hell out of them and never did "park" them. Now that I am chewing more gum, especially at work, I find that all gum is not created equal and I am chewing it to shreads. The nicorete gum had some damned good staying power. Now I am always searching for a "hearty" gum. hahaha


have you tried patches yet?

im finding it all remarkably easy, although i often think "i fancy a fag" im finding the temptation easy to beat.

good luck and stick at it, but consider other options as well


thanks for the support

Day two came and went without a cigarette. Venting on the forum def. helped. Thanks for the kind words. I have heard it is important to drink a lot of water and fluids and I will try to make that more of a routine. It seems like a lot of people have been having luck with patches. Question: If I am quitting with gum is it ok to keep a few patches around for strong cravings or is it one or the other? I know the literature inside both the gum and patches probably say not to mix, but I am curious. Congratulations to everyone who has quit and good luck to those quiting.




I believe it to be one or the other, you could always check with your doctor or pharmasist to clarify.

I don't suppose it would kill you and would be better than smoking!! you can always pull it off if you start to feel dizzy! the levels of nicotine are still going to be minuscule in comparison to smoking habitually.

But would advise finding out for sure ;)

~Buffy x x



I have 21mg 24hr patch and i`m allowed the 2mg gum if crave is bad , lozengers or microtab.

The patch acts in the background releasing a steady amount of nicotine , whereas the gum gives you an instant hit as if you had just had a fag.

I think it takes about 20 mins for the patch to start working. So i think you putting on a patch would not help instantly.

You could try the patch , then use gum if needed , but please seek advice first , as i have been told that i can do that by my smoking nurse.

Good luck

Barb x


Exactly, that's what i thought Barb, it's more a case of patch users using gum as extra support it seems funny the other way, patches are more of a course orientated method than gum!

Good luck ~ Buffy x


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