No Smoking Day

I had to do it

Hi all. There were many reasons for wanting to stop smoking! My husband stopped 6 months ago and I was increasingly feeling that I was polluting his airspace! I was beginning to loathe having to light up because I was hooked and needed a cigarette and hated myself for doing so. I sat down and thought about how/why/when I lit up and to be honest, boredom and habit played a huge part. I worked out the positives and negatives of my smoking and hey, guess what? it was all negative-the smell, cost in money,to my health and that of my family. I have 3 grandchildren and was not setting them a good example by being a heavy smoker!!

The most worrying thing healthwise was a rattly chest and a morning cough that sounded like a donkey braying! I also had cold hands and feet and an irregular heartbeat (controlled by meds) which was exacerbated every time I lit up. Smoking was controlling my life and I just had to stop!! So, I set a date for my quit and had my last cigarette!

I have tried to stop several times before but this time, I am very determined never to go back to puffing. I have been off the cigs for nearly 3 weeks now and although I have been feeling spacey and tired, I am so glad I have stopped. The cough has gone and my poor old heart is ticking over a lot smoother now. Hey-what are the advantages in other areas? No more sneaking out of places to have a smoke, no more worrying about when I would get the chance of a ciggie. My life is my own again! I know that I have to be on guard -it won't all be easy but I am positive I can crack it this time!! Good luck to all of you-Love, Maz xx

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Heya maz x

Glad your still here with us and smoke free! I know it's actually quite hard to smoke these days!!! bar the addiction that is :o

Which is a good thing, trying to quit when it is holey acceptable and even 'cool' is a far harder task!

I am welcoming Sunday with both arms and nose! open :D

Well done on your new found strength ~Buffy xx


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