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day 5 and pi$$ed off

hi again

ive made it to day 5 without a fag, i was doing pretty well, although at times ive really wanted a fag, ive resisted the temptation.

whenever i get those thoughts into my head i try and laugh them off and tell myself im better than everyone else who is still smoking and I CAN do this.

anyway, came home at lunchtime (ive stopped having lunch at work as i used to smoke all through my lunch break!) and the misses who was also giving up with me and also on day 5, cracked and lit up a rolly.

Also my bro in law who was quitting with us texted us last night to say he had cracked as well and had a fag.

So at the moment i feel like im doing this on my own. on one hand it makes me more determined to quit as ive already had a go at the wife and it would make me a hypocrit if i started up again. but on the other hand i think bollox im gonna have a fag, why should i suffer like this if my misses aint :(

give me some positive thoughts guys :o

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hi Muzzy

I was like that I first started my quit with two work mate by day 5 they had cracked but one has stopped again. Then my partner stopped for 5 weeks and started again but is stopping again monday. You do some times feel why should I bother but we are doing it for us not anyone else. Also you do feel really smug when they try again and your so far infront hehe. So you show them how strong you are Muzzy Linda xxx



i think this is one time in your life you are entitled to feel like a smug git!

i know i shouldnt have had a go at the misses, i guess im just jealous that shes had what i want!

when does the cravings end?

was talking to my father in law who quit 2 months ago and he still gags for a fag :(


Hehehe for once the missuss isn't right and you are!! don't have go at her :( she probably feels bad enough as it is!!

But you can smile in the knowledge that you are right, apologise to her, explain that you were snappy because you feel on your own now, you do understand how hard it is and why she gave in as you feel it too.

Don't build a wall between you because of your withdrawals x x x x

Don't make it into a mad competitive thing you really need each others support here. If you don't scare her too much! she may even try again? :D

Your doing really well a few deep breaths and focus, carry on, onwards and upwards x x


Oh and;

The cravings are up and down 3 weeks is a bit tough again then eases up then another tug around 3 months then into the 3rd month *poof* wake up one morning and all is ever so sweet :D

Thats my experience and seems kind of common round these posts!


3 months?!!!!

jeez, i was hoping id have forgotten about them by sunday! :D

well, i live happily in the knowledge that all my smoker colleagues are being forced out of the building from monday to smoke come rain wind or snow (definitely not sunshine for them i hope!)

and if any plan on giving up im at least 1 week ahead of the game :D


3 weeks of rain left so i have heard! hope your not one of the places affected by rivers for streets :rolleyes: hehe watch those drowned rat colleagues suffer!! take pride in saying....... "oh, is it raining out?" when they return soaked




i'm on day 5 too!!!! OUCH!

hiya buffy & muzzy,

i've been reading your messages & thought i'd write too.

i'm on day 5 too & yesterday was by far my worst day. this is my fourth attempt to give up in the last year. lost my dad to lung cancer two years ago in october & i've been trying to give up since.

wasn't enjoying them anymore & i'm always skint so i thought i'd give it another go.

days 1,2, & 3 were easy, just a bit of a tight chest. woke up yesterday & today gagging for a fag. had a headache & nose bleed today. didn't know i'd get the nosebleed but can handle the headache!

i'm on 15mg nicorette patch & niquitin lozenges. only having 3 a day, so think i must be doing ok.

good luck guys. sounds like WE need it.

cheryl x


hi cheryl

good luck with it.

i too got a headache in the morning soon after applying the patch, but i combat that now with a couple of ibuprofen taken at the same time, no headache today or yesterday :)

very sorry to hear about your dad, but if thats not good enough reason to give up i dont know what is. if you have kids dont let them lose their mum early to a smoking related disease :(


you guys got all the rain too? 30 inches here since 1/2 and that is what the year total usually is. been raining here for 17 days straight. we have lakes and rivers where there didn't use to be any. Another week of it...YUCK. I think I am starting to grow gills!


Welcome cheryl x x x

Sorry i didn't reply before, the lights were on but nobody was home >_<

Nose bleeds are not uncommon, your blood flow has increased now that you are no longer starving it of oxygen. It's pumping as it should now which is a surprise to your body!! hehehe

Of course if they become persistent or you fall ill then you must consult a doctor as it is no longer quit related!!

Carry on your battle :D you are doing so well and it will get easier for you now ~Buffy x x

[INDENT]Cindy!! you have rain too lol yes it's terrible north of the UK rivers have burst people have died and all to the cost of £1billion and more severe flood warnings, mad that we both have it!![/INDENT]


has anyone else suffered with mouth ulcers after quitting and using patches?

ive got 2 now and they bloody hurt :mad:

day 6 now :)


Hi Muzzy

Sorry to hear about mouth ulcers. Painful things.

I`m using patches and have not had any mouth ulcers.

I did get a stye on eye but went after one day.

Perhaps its all the badness of smoking comming out of us.:D :D

Well done on 6 days.

Barb x


I have had them with gum previously.

I also get bouts of them when i am generally run down, coldy or prolonged tiredness (happens when my thyroid function is not controlled) So it may be a mixture of all the above :eek: they are horrible but will pass.

Try some extra vitamin C


hmm, ive being chewing gum lately, not nicotine gum just regular stuff. i never chew gum normally so i wonder if this has caused it?


Sees Buffy and Waves HELLO need a raft yet????


hehehe no , worse than that now *sigh* we are on critical security after several bombs. Posted in general x x

None went off in London though :)

Just going to be a wobbly couple of days !! :D


oh and it has continued to rain aaaaallllllllllllll day too >_<


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