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Day 110

I finally got off those patches, last one a few days ago. I have to admit it has left me a bit jittery, anxious, but it's not as bad as it was before, and im sure it will wear off soon.

As we make it into the "Month 3" and "Month 4 and 5" forums the posting gets a bit thinner, but it's good to see familiar names still popping up. I will defiantly make a point to keep posting at least until i make it into the 6+ month forum, then ill give it a rest.

Anyhow, three cheers for "the class of March 07'" :)

It took me many tries of quitting to get this far, you all played a hand in helping me, thank you so much. Hope everyone is doing well.

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Well Done Jemi x x

If it's any conciliation, month 3 can be a bit of a wobbly one anyway!

The last hurdle then month 4 is a revelation!!

Thats my experience anyway :D

So Well Done you non smoker you !!!!

~Buffy x x


HI Jemi

Well done.So Glad you managed to get off the patches .To tell you the truth I been of the patches since week 12 And after the first few days felt much better. Start of week Sixteen for me yesterday hope to hear from you again soon Love Linda xx


Day 110

WOW im only on day 35 :( omg i have so far to go yet! good on you though, that is fantastic.


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