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Here's how it started !

My wifes Mum died 7 years ago form the effects of smoking. She smoked around 30 a day and eventually her heart just gave out ! 2 years later her husband died of a heart attack and the PM showed all the signs of heart disease caused by smoking. The most worrying aspect of this was he didnt smoke and the cause of death was in fact due to passive smoking.

It took me another 5 years to realise what a d**k I was by carrying on this habit, so the plans were made. On 1st January 2007 to pack in. On the way back from the match I had 12 fags left and my son took great pleasure in chucking them all out the car window (may be some sort of symbolism !!)

From that day I have had my ups and downs... going out for a few beers was the hardest ! Now approaching 6 months and put a bit of weight on, but clothes smell clean, teeth are whiter and my bank balance is healthier.

All you folk on here are only here for 1 reason...because you WANT to pack in. You may have your setbacks...but you should never give up...The nicest thing you'll hear yourself saying is

"No thank you, I don't smoke"

Roll on Jul 1st...I going down the pub

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Thank you x x

Welcome to the site :) thank you for that post, it is very inspiring and just what I need to hear, to give me that boost x x when people feel that is only them it's damaging and 'who cares anyway' they can think twice, your family have discovered the hard way what passive smoking really does. Why anyone opposes the ban in confined public spaces is beyond me.

Congrats on your quit too x x x Like you I am really looking forward to sitting in a pub all night with out having to sit in thick smoky fog and stinking!

~Buffy x



I was one of those one that opposed that ban when it happened here in america a long time ago. I bitched and moaned and spoke my peace to whoever would's my right and blah blah blah. Now I can say that looking back it was fear of trying to quit was the motivator. When I finally did quite on May 7 the fear I had built up in my head was 10 times worse than the actual withdraw.....So when you hear someone oppose the ban you can chalk it up to their fear...and in my opinion...stupidity.



:D oh yes I do know exactly what you mean, I felt the same too when it all hit our news 'cos you had it over there. It was fear no doubt about it!!

Selfishness, stupidity and fear :o ~Buffy x



so sorry to hear what happened, i feel so awful when i think back that up to just 11 days ago i was guilty of making my hubbie and 2 children live in a smoke filled smelly house, i always avoided being right near them but when it comes down to it that is just not enough. i should not of been smoking in the house at all full stop! i have made one promise to myself also and that is if i do ever put a cigg between my lips again (which i hope and prayer i dont) the no smoking ban thats been put on public places is also gonna be put on my home and any other confined spaces that my hubbie and children are in!:(


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