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Day 16 (And getting fatter!!)


Hi Everyone,

We'll that was quite a successful weekend, I was out shopping with the family and managed to maintain 100% control (Well over the smoking

anyhow, ended up in Pizza Hut Sunday and gorged my self like a pig :) ).

In the first fortnight I lost 10 lbs in weight, I have now put back on 3 lbs of weight (What am I going to do????). Well I think the best course of action is to call a family meeting tonight and discuss it properly over a nice meal out somewhere :eek:

With that kind of attitude there is no helping me.... :D

And Barb, what happened? I only have one thing to say to you...

Get back on your feet, brush yourself down, and get straight back into the saddle as if nothing has happened.

Hope everyone is getting on okay with their no-smoking campaigns. Stay strong and positive, it's for the best....

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Morning to you Gav

So sorry about yesterday :o but feel much more positive now.:)

I think if someone had said to start on day one again i might well have smoked and set a date further down the line.So i am on day 16 like you but with a small hiccup.

Wow , you lost alot of weight in your first fortnight , must have been all those take-aways. LOL.

Congrats to you and your wife on news of baby. 10th december , what a great xmas pressie.

Barb x

Lol gav!

I joined the gym :D our local one is council run and very reasonably priced, it costs the equivalent of 1 weeks smoking each month!!

I have just had my first ever ever ever! exsersize class!! it was wicked i loved it, then i sat in the steam room :D

On Wednesday i am having a gym induction cant wait!!

I have never done anything like this before and am loving it!!

Good luck all and keep it up, so nice to see everyone doing so well here ~Buffy x

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