No Smoking Day

14 days today

Hello all

I've been here but not posting for the last 2 weeks and its really helped me . so thank you everyone :)

i gave up thurs 17th may at 12noon . so almost 15 days now ..yay

the first 3 days were not as bad as i thought ...then hell for 7 days, felt terrible ( so anxious and sick) but glad to say that those feelings went little by little .

almost back to normal now.

anyways best of luck to my fellow non smokers

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Best of Luck to you Joey. Good to see you here and posting and WELCOME. The hard part is over and it's all straight road for awhile. It will be a month for me the 7th and it's just a fleeting thought now. Keep up the good work!



thanks :)

me and my mum gave up the same day , so we've been keeping each other going .

feel a bit dizzy today but apart from that its not a bad day


Welcome joey xx

Well done on your quit!!

2 Weeks and counting hope your grin crosses from ear to ear :D


Well done Joey

Your doing great also give my love to your mum Hope you stay strong together. You will both get great suport here Linda


cheers guys and mum says hi . shes comes and stays most days as dad still smokes at the moment , so she finds it easier here away from temptation hehe.

she's blind so i read out the posts to her (she loves that ) and always says " good to know we're not the only ones going though "bleep" hell

anyways almost day 16 now and im still nico free ...just addicted to sugarfree gum instead and enjoying my wine far too much LOL!!

night night

joey xxx


Grats on your quit, wines going down a treat here too :p albeit cheap wine dont cut it no more!

Don't be skipping our ruder late night posts when speaking for your mum :p

its all part of it lol

Hugs to joey n mum x

Keep it up and keep your posting x


I'm still on the cheap wine , having a glass as i type :)

i expect hubby will be moaning soon that i'm costing us a fortune in wine (even though its cheap) hehe


:rolleyes: I know, hehe, not good, yet its not smoking either! :D


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