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Month 4 and all is well


Hello all

I have been a non-smoker since quitting on January 21st 2007 and the best thing now is that I don't think about what I am missing as the first thing when I wake up, in fact, I don't think about fags hardly at all now, it is such a relief, however, I have cravings every so often so still have to keep on top of things.

I am looking forward and ahead to July 1st because I can safely go out and enjoy myself without worrying about if I will smell tobacco and start craving but I do not entirely agree with banning smoking everywhere and I feel deeply for those of us who do not want to give up smoking.

I am looking forward to writing after 6 months, it will be the equivalent of climbing Everest.


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Heya Ruby x x

Wow your in month 5! how cool is that?! 21st of june just 20 days and you can write in the top forum :eek:

Hope you do continue to pop in and be of continuing support and inspiration to the fledglings :D lol and we want to here how your run goes x x x x

Hi Rubby

Dont leave us you give such great support. Well done you must be sooo pleased with your self you clever girl. Please keep posting Rub I for one really look forward to seeing your posts Love Linda


Welcome to the good side of the Quit, always getting easier and easier. :p :D ;) :cool:

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