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No Smoking Day
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a quick whine/question

hey to all

Just a quick "whine" and question to anyone :D

Sore throat... Day 15 and it seems to get sorer at nighttime. I have tried buckleys, cough drops, everything and still VERY sore.. it seems to come and go throughout the day/night. Any remedies that im missing here that may work for other fine non smokers such as yourselves?


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Try getting more moisture into the air, it could be more of an allergy / Asthma type thing given that it's worse at night, especially if you got the air con on.

[*]Lots of steam, boil up pots on the hobb

[*]Spraying water mists will help,

[*]Inhaling steam too over a bowl with a towel or a facial sauna.

[*]Or if you can a humidifier may help

Hope this helps, remember if it continues no harm in seeing the Dr again x


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