No Smoking Day

Self Help Any HELP?!

Hello folks,

Day 10 and not quite as 'chipper' ( see comments in reply to Linda on 11wk thread) I guess its a combination of things - over a week not smoking and still feeling crap! and hubby buggering off to S/F for 2 weeks. Well seeing as I was a bit fed up and it was quiet at work I went into the main Bedfordshire

Catalogue (for ALL the libraries ) and ordered myself not one but 6 different quit smoking books. Anything for a bit of fresh inspiration! They should arrive the early part of next week. (well at least I didn't have to buy them) I am determined however to stick at this quit no matter how many bottles of wine it takes!lol I'll be ok.

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Hehe what a cool perk to the job! i would save myself a fortune if i didn't actually have to buy my own books hehe, my library never has exacxtly what i want it is a real titchy one!

Good for you though! why do the last thing you really want to do when you can go onwards and upwards with fresh inspiration and new roads. Really proud of you Karen! really proud!

You should also consider self help relaxation books they are very good too I used the paul mckenna one which came with a tape i bought it years ago but there are loads out there.

I can't see it on the shelf at mo, i can't throw books away easily so i rotate them with ones in the cupboard every 6 months or so, if i choose to keep a book in the cupboard for 2-3 revolutions then i may throw it finally lol.

I am a sucker for self help >_< books etc have a massive self help section i can be in there for hours :D lol

Maybe you can grab yourself a craft book too, great distraction!

Right behind you Karen x x


Unfortunately 've read all the craft books! You see my hobby is cardmaking and scrapbooking. I've lost count of the no.of rubber stamps and embossing boards I have. Giving up the cigs will enable me to buy lots more. I've always wanted a Sissix die cutting machine but at £130 could never justify the cost to myself. Now I can see it as costing 1 months cigs!!!! Attainable at last! Willpower and patience - thats what I keep saying to myself:)


Hi kazza - spotted you were on-line...glad you feeing ok - got any vino on the go? Just having a quick tipple after a couple of days on coke! (Went to the pub Friday night for one (ha ha) on our bikes and guess what? There was a rock festival on all for charity....well I couldn't be uncharitable could I? So as you've probably already guessed I misjudged a little, gravelly, uphill corner on the way home and got told off by my mum when I got home!!!!(she was babysitting) - I mean I've not done anything like that since I was about sixteen!! I don't think I'll ever live it down.)

Anyhow that was my weekend - hope you're still feeling good - I had a bit of an odd day today - quite a lot of cravings but like i've said before they only come about once a week - it's an odd game this quitting lark - stick with it - it really does get better. Keep posting!!

Loopy XX


Loopy dont envy you that small 'mistake' Mum and Dad live in a small village nr Barnsley so I totally get yur terrain! Hubby has sodded off to San Francisco *again) if I didn''t know better I'd think he had a 'bit on he side ' only kidding- its more than his lifes worth!) Bit down at the moment - not smoking but Feeling a bit crappy.


Hey It'll pass.. glad you got my post. Funny I had a massive craving tonight - it's my twin's (Erica & Phoebe)birthday on Thursday but as we'll be away on their birthday did a sort of family tea thing today - and I don't think it was just the presence of my mother in law!!!!- but cos it's not something I've done since I quit, after everyone had eaten I really wanted a fag yet no-one else was smoking!!! - It's bizarre but it does pass - my best defence is to remember to take deep breaths (cos I do forget) and to come on here - it really does the business don't you think?

Keep with it Karen - you've come this far - might as well finish the job...



Well done for managing the party loopy! and grats to the twins x x

Ohh sissix die cutter woooo :D you can get other compatible with the sissix dies for half the price but guess you get what you pay for.

I like you can watch their channel online and order their stuff too though i do tend to go cheap and buy from ebay though >_< hehe

have not had my stamps out or made a page since before Christmas! >_< got to catch up there with the family scrap book! but my printer packed up well i think it's just that i need new proper ink cartridges, i usually use the refill bottles into the cartridge if you know what i mean!


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