No Smoking Day

11 Weeks

Well gang made it to week 11. Patches are finished next monday hope I will be o.k. Been really low the last few days but hopfully passed it now. Must say never thought I would ever go this long without a fag smoked 40 a day so I am a little proud I got this far. But all your support has been a BIG help getting me here and I would like to thank you. So onward to week 12 Love Linda

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Way to go Linda. 11weeks - wow! Youv'e given me a glimmer of hope cos I am feeling a bit crappy today (day 10). I have to go to work later so maybe that might take my mind off cigs. I so much feel like going to the shop and buying a pack - Then I think of the 9 days hard work I've already put in so I don't go.

But I have such an 'empty' feeling at the moment and can't seem to stop thinking of cigs. Hope this goes soon.


I am a little proud I got this far

Thats so typical of you :o Credit everyone around you walk hot coals for loved ones and this is what you say for Yourself!

Bloody hell Linda >_< now repeat after me "Wooooooo Hoooooo I am so proud of myself! I have worked so hard to achieve this! 11 weeks off of the fags! I am so great for doing this I am going to take myself out and treat myself to what ever I choose!" :D

Better ;)

Well done Linda x


Thanks Buff I am going to do as I am told and do just that.hehe Mybe I will get myself some thing nice ready for my hols.

Karen chin up yea thats what you have to do think of the last 9 days you are over the worse and we would miss you so much Linda


Good Linda :D

Hehe nowt like a bit of retail therapy! :D


Empty feeling


You have put in 9 days of hard graft I think that your 'empty feeling' is not as bad as you think, do you remember how the first three days felt?

incomparable to this feeling of loss you get when you think of smoking. It's just the next stage and will pass as did the first hard stage of which you do not want to ever have to go through again!!

Try and change the thought into something positive, when you feel 'loss' try and focus on 'gain' find an image to picture each time.

Just hang on in there you are a star and you deserve this x x


Hi Linda - Just how well have you done? There's no goin' back honey!!!! The forum has been a godsend to me also - you think everything's gone, passed and then it creeps back up on you, sneaky like, but you've obviously got the determination to let it pass - you are super de duper (he he) and don't forget it!

Keep posting - Loopy XX


well done linda you have beat this &amp; youre the STAR

LINDA just like to say how you have done something really special - You have had loads of strength & courage to do this for 11 whole weeks after all the stress you been under lately - I get a lot of sense of complete kindness from your posts -one day you will realise what a big achievement this is - Always rememeber its so easier to smoke then Not too - when i think that it makes me feel better about smoking friends i actually feel sorry for them because i know it is possible to give up - because i used to envy non smokers when i smoked & it felt impossible to me - im still on the nicorette gum & people probably think i wont let that go but at this moment in time i really dont give a monkeys because i smoked for 16years approx so i just think how much do people expect of me in 17weeks? im just gonna do it in my own time now - please keep posting linda WELL DONE YOU XXXX(ps are you psychic just get a vibe?)


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