No Smoking Day

Week 4

There was no week 4 in the archives so, since that is where I will be come tonite at 8pm I thought we needed a week 4! Someone tell me how long this hand to mouth thing last cuz my ass can't take much more!! As you all see from the picture I have posted I am far from a tiny woman. Gum chewing seems to work best for me as do bananna ice pops. Can't do those at work though. I am getting married in 2 weeks and I dread having to find a dress. Just going to the court house. It's a 2nd for both of us and we have lived together for 7 years. My feet finally aren't cold anymore. Poor guy..I have backed out x 3 in all these years. Talk about stress......:eek: :rolleyes: :p

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Congrats on week 4!! no, I found that theres no week 4 and went into a wild panic! not really, just stay hanging in 3 till month 2 :rolleyes: hehe

Congratulations on wedding too!! how lovely! you lucky girl x x

Your husband to be is marrying you not your bloody dress !! :rolleyes:

Don't worry relax! its a happy day for you to enjoy together x x


Thank you Miss Buffy! I am an*l as hell so I will fret over the dress. Guess it beats fretting over no smokes..haha


Hehe Ok guess it is better to focus on the dress as opposed to smokes :D

Just don't be trying to smoke the dress! :p

Glad the gum helps x i have this great image, you walk up the aisle all soft and dreamily, then as the priest turns to you, you remove your gum and stick it on the underside of his bible to say your vowels!

Hehe that would be a great comedy sketch wouldn't it?

It must be a stressful time for you, hang on in there and imagine your romantic smoke free honeymoon x x


A E I O U HEHEHE That was pretty cute....I was wondering where ya were gonna have me putting that gum. It has been a very stressful time. Thanks for the comedy and keep them up. I really enjoy this site and you guys give me the encouragement I need and make me realize I am not in this alone.

oh....Am a GRANDMA to Kyah Mae, born yesterday!!!

Thanks Miss Buffy



Glad it tickled you x x though the spell check vowel / vow thing was accident >_< rofl added to the amusement though :D



So very pleased for you!

Geesh woman, you don't like taking things one at a time do you! lol! after the pregnancy / birth, quitting, wedding, honeymoon! you'll be lost with out the stress!


Congrats Grandma CINDY

Bet that was great day Was one of the best days of my life. Give that baby big hug from me. Love Linda


I loved and still do being a Mother but being a GRANDMA....oh is like a love that I have never known. As good as some of the "GET HIGH" days from the 70's. hehehe.



;) lol

I can't wait for it though not wishing my life away!

Spend a day with the grand kids max them out with additives and sugars and send 'em home :D

Let them tear around at home on their high like these grandparents do to mine :p


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