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Because I have COPD

Hi Everyone,

I am pretty new here..about a week....and have not had a cigarette in 17 days thanks to Chantix. I discovered I had COPD in September when the 9th bout of pnumonia put me in the hospital the 2nd time in 7 years. I tried the patches and gum then but wasn't very successful. The Chantix has been wonderful and has all but eliminated the cravings. Today is day 2 without any at all due to some health issues at the moment and I have to say I am doing just fine. Still no cravings, no anything. The smell makes me sick.

We are expecting our first Grandbaby anyday now. I want to be around to see her grow up and see all the rest that come along. Plus I don't want any of them exposed to second hand smoke. Out of 4 children only 1 smokes. So ....say a prayer for me that I continue to make it cuz I sure need it.


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Sorry it has been so hard x

I wish you every success this quit but prayers don't make it, you do.

You see how important it is,

you see you can make the change,

you see you.

you are you x x

You keep it up x you stay strong for you x


Hi Cindy all the very best of luck with you quit. Having our first grandchild was one of the things that made me want to quit along with health reasons, I want to be here to see her grow up. Taking her for walks in her pushchair is easier now I dont get breathless, I dont cough all the time and Im sure "Nanny" smells better. Keep going stay strong, Being a grandmother is fantastic its the best thing thats happened to me in years. Sue


Hi Cindy

My mum smoked but gave up five years ago to try and help me quit!!!! (I didn't make it that time!) But my children all adore her cos of who she is but also hug and cuddle her loads - not sure they would if she stank of fags. Keep with it - use everything you can to help - your beliefs, sites like this, local support, it all really helps. You will do this for you and your future...

Loopy XX


Hey Cindy

Patches and gum didn't work for me either(neither did lossies,cold turkey or inhalator come to think of it!)I am now taking zyban which has been a godsend

to me just as chantix has been to yourself. What I am trying to say is that no matter what quit method works for you remember there are no magic pills and

so nothing will work wthout a little bit of effort and willpower from you.Just beleive in yourself and take a Leap of Faith -just like Indiana Joes did !


Thanks for all the support and info. I thought I had a heart attack this past weekend and Monday I was at the doctor on Monday. Yes, it was a stupid move on my part and I got my butt blasted by my doctor. She took me off all my meds Monday until we get to the problem of the problem. Test has reveled it wasn't a heart attack on Monday. Wednesday I had a stress test done and blood pressure revels something but don't know what yet so I have been drug free and continue to be smoke free. YIPEEEEEEEE 16 days. I continue to have no cravings or desire. Smoke stinks, people that smoke stink. I know I have beat the physical symptoms and am doing have the emotional cravings almost conquered. Trying to find something to replace the hand to mouth habit besides food. Gum seems to do the best. Lollipops help but not like the gum. I will continue to fight to be smoke free and remain so.



Hi Cindy sorry you have had such a bad week, hope you contiune to improve and stay strong with the no-smoking. Wait till you see your grandchild you will be so happy you have decided to quit smoking. Lets hope this is the begininning of the best part of your life xxxSue


Sorry about the health scare!

Hope you get to the bottom of it soon x x

1 thing is for certain, no smoking will benefit you a lot!!


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