No Smoking Day

51 Days

I smoked a cigar over the weekend to celebrate a friend coming home, I hope thats not cheating. I hate cigars.

Hope everyone is doing well, partied with a lot of smokers over the weekend but didn't smoke :) Did a few physically demanding things I normally would have been coughing after before i quit, I was just out of breath now and caught it in a few minutes. I can't wait to get off these patch's, so tired of scraping off the residue they leave behind, I use steel wool to shower.

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Well done Jemi your doing so great what strenth patch are you on now I am seven weeks 2moro night and still on (14) they do get you down a bit I know Linda


Congrats Jemi! lol @ using steel wool to shower!

Cigar hmmmm shall we let you off?? ok but you must write 'I don't Do Cigars!' 100 times :D

Well Done Keep up the good work!

~ x X x X x ~


heh, i HATE cigars!!! I don't do cigars :)

It was more of a social shackle, my friend was so proud of his fine cigars he supplied for us all, hard to say no! No worries though, i could never stand cigars when i smoked, now they are even worse (stronger taste).

I am on the 14mg patch, according to the box i am supposed to do another 2 weeks of them (starting Saturday). Instead I am thinking about dropping down to the weakest one (I think 7mg?), depends on how I am feeling the day I go out and buy it to be honest :) Initially, I didn't think i would need the patch's this long, but i still feel a difference when i forget to change them.

That makes a total of 4 weeks on the 24mg or 26mg (can't remember) and 4 weeks on the 14mg, the recommended was 6 i think. Of course everyone is different, I was a smoker for 7 years, peanuts compared to some!

Thank you so much for the encouragement, love you guys and gals :)


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