No Smoking Day

wow month 2

hi everyone

im on month 2 now 29 days its gone so quickly, things are better now i dont get panicky when i finish work now because that was a fag break for me i dont even think of them infact if i see someone smoking i cant believe i use to do that i do feel something is missing sometimes but it passes i just try and keep busy, finding this forum has helped alot it lets you know your not alone. im still not using my inhalator so that means ive been cold turkey for 3 days, anyway hope everyone is doing ok


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Well Done Alison! no inhalator either! it must feel good to be feeling so much more relaxed about not smoking! :)

~ x X x X x ~


Hi Alison How cool is that! second month for us both and you going cold turkey,

Good on ya girl.:D

Im still on high patches for now then I drop down soon to weaker ones My doctor was so pleased when I saw him Fri. Have to have blood test today for Thyroid and Homone level ( middle age stuff ) seems Im retaining water AND sweating too much(menapause):confused: bit of a messed up combination.

Hi to everyone else havent had chance to post to you all but hope everyone is on track with thier quit


middle age stuff!!

:mad: how very dare you!!

I have under active thyroid and I am not Middle aged!!

:D hehe Well Done congratulations to you both ~ x X x X x ~

Good luck with the tests :o let us know how they turn out if not too personal lol


Sorry girls:D didnt mean too offend

Have been having trouble with hands going numb when Im asleep so doctor said might be water retention but also seem to have started "the change" quite early. Thats why hes doing loads of blood tests

Bloody getting older really p*****s me off, Im so not ready for it.

Still 25 in my head;) when I could EAT anything! DRINK anything! and stay up all night DANCING Ahh well the old girl is going to have a cuppa and a rest now ;)


He he, yeah i agree! i am underweight and have wobbly bits!? what is that about? age thats what :mad:

my mates going through the same as you she's same age as me 33! hopefully the docs will find something else that can be easily treated, good luck x x


Excellent Alison! really glad you are doing so well, especially after your initial concerns. :)


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