No Smoking Day
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Sunday update :)

Weekends been so busy! my boy 10 on Friday me nephews 3rd bday party on other side of London Saturday had to trek picnic kids n all lol and a daughters school friends party today! all gone well but hectic lol housework has dropped, lung is rattling hehe and my roast dinner ended up with mashed tats instead of roasties >_< Bad,failed and insufficient mother !!

house is a mess couldn't keep up! painting , parties, washing, food, arguments, playstations, thank god for Mondays!! cant wait hehe

Never wanted to smoke at any busy time or any time other than when i wouldn't usually want to!! make sense?

ie when i am alone and i feel all sneaky i am like oooooh i could! and no one would know!:p

At those points my stress levels are lower and i find it easier to ridicule myself as opposed to giving in! it's a huge daily cycle that does still involve continual thoughts of smoking!!

~ x X x X x ~

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Hehe Boudee says to the ticket man 'Can i have a return ticket to up your way please :D' lollol

Ah I won't x x I've grown out of my teenage rebellion years :D hmmmm maybe not but I won't smoke for sure :D


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