No Smoking Day

day 26

hi everyone

thank you for your support yesterday i do feel a bit better today, i think it might be a bit of everything packing up smoking and last week i had my dads interment of his ashes and it would of been his birthday on the 16th april, i think its stress related but im sure i will get through it if it carries on i will go to the doctors, my dad died a week before christmas and its taken all this time for me to lay him to rest maybe it is what boudee said mental exustion .anyway im glad im on day 26 and they have said the weather going to be good this weekend so im just going to have a good rest and have a good drink. hope everyone else is doing ok


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Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better.

Quitting is tough enough without any other stresses, so well done on reaching day 26.

Reply Glad your feeling better.

Very Valid point! Mental Exhaustion does make sense especially with your father and all, it's all been the run up to sorting it out and now you have put him to rest all that energy has come to a halt!

I have had that a few times in my life where I just tick along on autopilot to sort out the normal day to day things on top of some trauma, then when it's all over 'woooompf!' it kind of feels like i am looking into the world from the outside. My mind is the only thing I can hear with any clarity.

A Damn good rest is the Cure! Good drink is Total Bonus :D

Rest, Relax and Recuperation

~ x X x X x ~


Hi Alison I am glad you feel a bit better today. Maybe things will start to improve for you now and start to get easyer. Hope so Love Linda


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