No Smoking Day

Day 18 and still going

Hi all Had a dream this morning that I smoked. When I got up I was Feeling Mad with my self untill I remembered it was a dream. I think I must be going mad.WEll cant belive I have done 18 days. Bean smoking for about 32 years and in the end was on 40 a day. but The last 18 days not had one. I would like to thank all you guys I dont think I would have got this far with out you all. THANKS VERY MUCH LINDA

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That's amazing Linda! Well Done!

welcome to the new you! you must be very pleased with yourself x x

Hey I have had that dream before, it feels really good when you suddenly realise it was a dream!


Hi both Been like a mad house here today. My Eldest son is still back drinking but said he is going for more help monday. FINGERS AND TOES CROSSED. But i still havent smoked thats the main thing I been trying for 15 years to try to get my son to see the light but know only he can do it. HERES HOPING. My partner said hes giving up smoking on the 5 of april That should make it a lot easyer. well I think we are all doing great so love to every one LINDA


Heya Linda, you've shown your powers! all you can hope is that those around you see and show the same strength. It is out of your hands of course but by showing them how you conquer such a hard task they may in turn realise themselves that they have that same power!

Crossing everything with you here! x x x x

Stay strong, actions speak louder than words, your strength is noticed even if nothings said x


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