No Smoking Day
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Third week hurruh!

Hey everyone, have to say the last two days were not good for some reason had major cravings and have been a tad grumpy, but better today, think once I get to this weekend I will know I have cracked it as I have never gone past the 2 week mark before....

Also when you see what poor Boudee is going through ,puts things in perspective eh?!

Anyway hugs to everyone


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Well done... keep it up ;)



Cheers Green, how are you doing?


Ah the emotions! it's such a rollercoaster >_< from shouting at anyone that dares move to crying because i've run out of snacks!

It's all fun and games hey?!

onwards and upwards lets all be moany as long as we're still smoke free :D

2weeks! Well Done!


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